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Connected with Nature

Hotel in Neuruppin district Alt Ruppin - Hotel & Restaurant Am Alten Rhin

Welcome to the natural water paradise in the heart of the Brandenburg Ruppiner Lake district!

Nestled on a peninsula where the Ruppiner See (lake) splits off into the nature made Alten Rhin river and the enlarged Rhin rivers, in the center of the older district of Neuruppin ("New"Ruppin) known as Alt Ruppin ("Old"Ruppin), sits our family owned 3 Star Superior Hotel & Restaurant Am Alten Rhin. The opportunities to be connected with nature year-round are endless! Neuruppin district Alt Ruppin is considered the gateway to the Ruppiner Schweiz (Switzerland) and offers a great middle point for the exploration of one of the largest lake systems in Europe.


We are within walking distance to free protected nature reserves. From here you have the opportunity to immerse yourself in nature, be it for a walk, jogging or cycling. Well-developed and extensive hiking and biking trails are in the immediate vicinity. The Alt Ruppin swimming area invites you to go fishing, swimming, or to simply relax by the water as the different seasons come and go. Right next to our hotel is the “Rhinpaddel” boat and bike rental company, where you can marvel at the natural beauty from a water’s perspective.


The Ruppiner Lake

The Ruppiner Lake itself is 23 m deep at its deepest point and 14 km long standing as one of the longest natural lakes in Brandenburg. There are many little rivers branching off and connecting the extensive river and lake system stretching all throughout the state of Brandenburg and Berlin. The water quality is unparalleled with grass or sand lined banks offering inviting areas for swimming and exploration.

Neuruppin and Alt Ruppin are only 4 km apart with many merging hiking trails and waterways binding them together.

We are located 24 kilometers from the historic city and castle in Rheinsberg and only 75 kilometers north of Berlin. The castle filled historical city of Potsdam that still stands as the capital of Brandenburg is a mere 73-kilometer drive or an hour and a half train ride away.

If you plan to make a trip around or through Germany by train or car, Neuruppin district Alt-Ruppin is a great stopping point between Berlin and Hamburg offering a breath of fresh air outside of the big cities.

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